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A Film About Healing

‘A Film About Healing’ is the working title of a new documentary that’s in the first stages of production. Adverts will be placed in the local newspaper and on various websites asking for healers to get in touch, so they can talk about their healing modalities, and if possible show how they practice their form of healing on patients, who will (if agreeable) also be interviewed over the course of several months to see how effective the healing sessions were.

If you are a healer, or if you know of anyone who is, then please get in touch. Alternative and holistic healers are particularly sought after.

Crisis or Awakening?

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A film about mental health and mental health services, filmed on the Isle of Wight between 2016 and 2018. Booklets and other documents produced in conjunction with this film can be downloaded here. If you’d like to download the booklet made to accompany the film, then click here. If you’d like to download a booklet that proposes reforms at a slightly higher (more strategic) level, then click here. If you’d like to download a document┬áthat explores some of the different approached to psychotherapy that are being used around the world, then click here. If you’d like to read a letter written on the subject of the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions), which was sent to the Island’s MP Bob Seely, and our Council-appointed mental health champion Clare Mosdell, then click here. If you like to read a document entitled ‘9 Key Reforms’ that was also passed on to Bob Seely and Clare Mosdell, which is the most concise and up-to-date version of the reforms being proposed, then click here.